Style Guide

Guide For Contributing to This Documentation

This documentation is meant to be explanatory. Please explain how to do things, and break it down into reasonable chunks. We have a wiki elsewhere that can capture more comprehensive code examples.

Our audience is anyone who wants to understand how to build a mod using Forge.

Please don’t try to turn this documentation into a tutorial on Java Development - it is intended for people who understand how a Java class works, and other fundamental structures of Java.



Please use two spaces to indent, not tabs.

Titles should be capitalized in the standard titling format. For example,

  • Guide For Contributing to This Documentation
  • Building and Testing Your Mod

Essentially, capitalize everything but unimportant words.

Please use equals and dash underlines, instead of # and ##. For h3 and lower, ### etc. is fine. The source of this file contains an example for equals and dash underlining. Equals underlines create h1 text, and dash underlines create h2 text.